PowerTyping: Practice Typing Skills Online

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If you want to learn typing or just need to improve your current pace, check out PowerTyping.com. It is a website that provides you with free typing lessons (both for Dvorak and Qwerty keyboards) and fun games to practice typing skills online. The lessons are presented on a clean interface, you simply choose one from the list and start practicing. You can also set wpm goals and listen to provided radio for rhythmical typing.

powertyping   PowerTyping: Practice Typing Skills Online


  • Practice typing online.
  • Lessons are available for Dvorak and Qwerty keyboards.
  • Free typing games included.
  • Option to set wpm goals.
  • Listen to provided audio track  for rhythmical typing.
  • Similar sites: TypingWeb, 10-Fast-Fingers, Typeracer, Keybr and a list of free typing games.

Check out PowerTyping @ www.powertyping.com

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