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Gmail is an email service provider that is daily used by countless users. If you use it every day, then there is a good chance that your Gmail folders are cluttered with all types of emails and information. Here to help you separate selected emails by saving them as notes is a tool called Powerbot.

import notes into gmail

Powerbot is a user-friendly browser extension for Google Chrome that enhances your Gmail interface by adding Evernote-related options to it. Basically, you can send your Gmail email threads to your Evernote account as notebooks so they are easier to find, outside of Gmail. Another option that is provided to you by the extension is to add pre-created Evernote notebooks to an outgoing message i.e. while you compose an email in Gmail, you can easily attach your Evernote notebooks for the email’s recipient to see.

You start by first of all installing the Chrome extension and then giving Powerbot access to your Gmail and Evernote accounts. You will find a new blue icon placed on the browser’s address bar that gives you a shortcut for the Powerbot interface where you will find your imported conversations. After installing the extension, whenever you open an email in Gmail, you will find a “Send to Evernote” button on top of the email.

powerbot for gmail

Clicking on this button will send your thread to the Evernote account after you are asked to specify the title, notebook, tags, and comments for the thread being sent. The title is automatically generated and entering information in the remaining fields is optional.


To access these messages, you can use the previously mentioned extension icon or you can simply visit your Evernote account and browse where you saved the threads. The notebook attaching feature appears when you are composing an email in Gmail. You will find a link labeled ‘Insert Evernote notebook/note’ through which you can attach your Evernote notes with the email being sent out.


  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Adds Evernote related options to your Gmail interface.
  • Sends Gmail threads to your Evernote account.
  • Can attach Evernote notes and notebooks to Gmail emails being composed.

Check out Powerbot for Chrome @

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