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Poutsch could very well be the angriest virtual place on Earth, but fortunately it’s not. You see, the website uses the power of inquiries as its fuel, and as history often repeats, questions tend to ruffle feathers. But we’re not here for philosophy class, are we? We’re here to look at a legitimate, awesome social network that focuses on debate.

The website is in the realm of “public social networking”, something apps like Spraffl Spraffl: Is Anonymous Local Networking The Way Of The Future? Spraffl: Is Anonymous Local Networking The Way Of The Future? After writing up a news article about Spraffl, I grew very curious about how it worked. The app is described as one that connects people to an “anonymous social experiment”. I chatted up a few... Read More are currently developing. The basic premise of the site is simple – ask questions, and answer questions. It’s not really that hard.

You have a feed (much like any other feed you would find on such a site), and questions from all over pop up every so often. Most of the time, they are rather legitimate and insightful. With that said, Poutsch is not for those wanting to joke around.


The app allows you to answer questions, but it also lets you ask them, too. There are four questions options available: binary, multiple choice, slider, and ratings. What hit me was the lack of an open-ended, answer-what-you-want type of question. Perhaps there could could be an addition for this in the future, but since stats are available for each question, it would be slightly hard to add in a short-answer option.

Poutsch: Ask Questions & Offer Answers On This Social Networking Site poutsch2


Poutsch also offers social media integration with most of your favorite services, and a gamification Tried And Tested: 3 Gamification Tools That Try To Make Your Life Better Tried And Tested: 3 Gamification Tools That Try To Make Your Life Better I'm a big fan of gamification, truth be told. I'd even go so far as to say our entire society should be gamified, with pleasures in life reserved as rewards those who actually contribute. Apparently... Read More leveling system is in place. Furthermore, the user interface is clean, and it seems the site is populated to some degree. Overall, I would say Poutsch is an interesting site, but it really applies to a niche market – those who want to know what other people are thinking.


  • Publicly ask questions.
  • Offer your opinion on a public platform.
  • Readable stats.
  • Social media integration.
  • Pretty user interface.

Try out Poutsch now.

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  1. Shane
    March 1, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Poutsch and Bitrix24 are the two best tools with really stupid names.

  2. melchior scholler
    February 20, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks a lot for the review.
    Poutsch is not focusing on open ended questions because there are already a lot of great products in that field. However, we think that other social polling tools are not as good as they could be.