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Harry Potter fans worldwide have been lamenting the end of the book series and movies, but J.K. Rowling has today announced one final project called Pottermore to keep fans immersed in the Potter-verse. The Pottermore website officially opens  in October, but fans are invited to return to the site in July for the chance to win an advance access pass.

What the Pottermore site offers is a chance for Potter fans to connect with each other online and to play a specially designed game full of online and offline puzzles. This sort of interactive fan website could easily become standard fare for big-budget films and book series’ to continue their legacy long after the release of their final product.

The Pottermore game is centred around the original Harry Potter stories, and will offer a variety of puzzles which will hint at clues for a real-life treasure hunt. Reports of an undisclosed amount of wands being distributed throughout Britain and America have been noted, but the details of the treasure hunt remain a secret.

The Pottermore website will also become the exclusive vendor of Harry Potter eBooks and digital audio books 10 Best Websites For Free Audio Books 10 Best Websites For Free Audio Books Read More .


Source: Daily Telegraph UK

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