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Postful is a handy service that brings postal letter services to your email inbox. It lets you send traditional postal letters directly from your email, simply write your letter as an email and send it to ‘‘. Postful will print it out, stamp it, seal it in the envelope, and forward it to the designated mailing address. (Note: Postful is not a free service).

Postal letters from Email

Feature Overview

  • Send postal letters by emailing them to (incl. recipient’s name and mailing address in the subject line).
  • Create unique email addresses for frequent contacts ( Send your message to this address and it will be instantly printed out and mailed to the corresponding postal address. (See image above)
  • Include photos and add PDF and Office documents to the letters.
  • Full color and high quality printing.
  • Keep digital versions of all sent letters.
  • Send letters to any military APO and FPO address.
  • More Questions? Check out Postful FAQ section.

Postal Pricing:

  • Domestic Mails: $.99 for the 1’st page and $.25 for each additional page
  • International Mails: $ 1.49 for the 1’st page and $.39 for each additional page

Check out Postful @

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