Posterous Might Be Gone But Here Are 6 Alternatives To Replace It

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posterous alternativesWe all knew it was coming. Back in February Twitter announced that it would be shutting down Posterous by the end of April. Some bloggers saw it coming from the day that Twitter acquired the popular blogging platform. With that day finally here, if you’re still looking for an alternative to meet your blogging and automated sharing needs, we’ve come up with a list of 6 viable Posterous alternatives.

While Posterous was, in the traditional sense, a blogging platform, there’s no reason you have to stick with the same concept if you’re still wondering where you should head next. While there are a few blogging options – Tumblr, WordPress and Jux – you could also opt for a photo sharing site like Flickr. No matter what platform you end up using, you could simply opt for the auto-sharing service, IFTTT to autopost your new blog posts to any social networking site of your choice.


Tumblr is the most obvious place to go if you’re feeling the sting from Posterous shutting down. Tumblr brings the same ease-of-use, a simplified dashboard that makes posting easier than ever, and a built-in system that makes cross-posting and sharing links to your blog posts on social media sites automatically possible.

A few key features that will appeal to the Posterous fan is the ability to create posts on the fly in a variety of ways. You can create and publish posts using the Android or iPhone apps, or if you’d rather not download a dedicated app, you can also create posts with the simple act of sending an email. Just head over to your Tumblr settings, select the blog you want to post to, and jot down the private email that you can use to send posts to. In the same place, you can connect your Tumblr and Twitter accounts to automatically share your latest posts with your Twitter followers.

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posterous alternatives

WordPress (Self-hosted)

Getting a self-hosted WordPress site is another decent (if not even better) alternative to Posterous. With the use of a minimalist theme and an array of plugins you can get close enough to the Posterous experience, so much so that you’ll never look back.

While the theme hasn’t been updated in a while, Minimous is labeled as a Posterous-like theme for WordPress. The good news is that it isn’t hard to find recently updated alternatives. A few great minimalist alternatives that you can put to good use on your WordPress site include Stack, Minimalizine and Chaos Theory.

If you want to automatically share your WordPress posts on a variety of social networks, a decent plugin to give a try is Next Scripts. Major social networks and sites that are supported by the plugin include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and much more.


Jux is another great blogging platform that brings the same simplicity that sites like Tumblr, and the now defunct Posterous, bring to the table. The blogging platform divides posts by content type – photo, video, text and more. Unfortunately, one feature that Jux still lacks is a more convenient way to post to when you’re away from your computer.

alternative to posterous

Posting via email or using a mobile app isn’t an option, but Jux does make up for it with a few other unique features. It’s one of the only blogging platforms that makes it easy to harness the power of Google Maps Street View, as well as being able to create entire series of posts within one post (almost like a blog within a blog). To find out more about how the platform works and what features it supports, check out our in-depth review of Jux.


If you haven’t already migrated your content from Posterous to Posthaven, you’ve missed the boat on that feature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of the service. We’ve taken an in-depth look at what Posthaven has to offer, and it will just set you back $5 a month. Writing about his own personal experience with Posthaven, MakeUseOf’s Aaron Couch says, “There’s something to be said about awesome customer service, especially when a site is just run by two guys.”


If you’re main focus on Posterous was to use it to share your photos, why not simply opt for a photo-sharing site rather than a blogging platform. Flickr is a solid option, one that makes it easy to post on the go, and while the site itself isn’t necessarily the prettiest to look at, you can always use third party services to create a slick Flickr-powered portfolio, like Flickrock or Pullfolio.

posterous alternatives

The revamped Flickr iOS app also makes it a pure joy to use the site on the go on your iPhone, while Flickr also makes it possible to upload photos to the photo-sharing site via a private email address.


No matter what platform you use, as long as it has an RSS feed, you could always opt for a service like IFTTT to make sure that your latest posts are shared on all the social networks and services you’ve been using on Posterous. To find out more about how IFTTT works and how you can get the most out of it, check out our in-depth IFTTT how-to.

Are there any platforms you think should be added to this list of Posterous alternatives? Let us know about them in the comments.

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Posterous was a tumblelog hosting site. Some of your recommendations are not optimal for tumble-logging. Recommend something like instead.

Sheesh, do some research before writing such an unhelpful post.

Nancy Messieh

When sites shut down and people look for alternatives – they aren’t going to find identical services and the article clearly outlines how each service can be used as an *alternative* to Posterous, depending on your personal needs.

Tumblr & Jux both have a very similar setup as Posterous, but at the same time, there’s no harm in considering other services that might give you a slightly different experience but gives you an opportunity to share content. Finding free alternatives to free services is all about being flexible.

Megan definitely won’t work if you used Posterous in the classroom!



You could use services like to move your Posterous spaces.


Seriously, I see you spamming this app on every thread related to Posterous alternatives. Yep, I got sucked in. It has yet to do anything other than invade my private information and, erm, just sit there. If there ARE instructions out there they’re well hidden. No worries, I’ve always hated Tumblr for it’s enforced community spirt … but I just had to give it one last chance thinking this justmigrate would give me an easy option to move on. But it just sat there and didn’t care one way or another. I’d rather learn to write with my pen stuck in my left ear than bother any more with an app that uses the word “just” when it actually meant the word “doesn’t”.



But posterous was the best to create post and linkback to the website.


Ali Khan

Well nothing substitutes for Tumblr, it is the best.


Henree Arriola de Garcia

jux is closing.



Jux in down in the last of august as well. Too bad.

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