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The smartphone changed the way we post and share pictures. Since we have our phones handy, we can take quick snaps, and if the phone is connected, the pic can be easily uploaded online for your friends. While going all-digital is good, snapping a photo that you can print to friends makes the moment more memorable, giving them something that they can hold on to. Postcard On The Run is an iOS app that does just that.

send postcards from your iphone

Postcard On The Run takes your pictures and sends them as a postcard to others. The process is seamless too – you just need to get the mailing address of the recipient, snap a photo, then send it. If you do not have the address of your friend, the app will send an SMS where they can enter the mailing address where they want it sent.

Postcard On The Run also lets you sign your postcard with your finger, add a personal message, and embed a map to show where you are. Once you have everything set up you can just pay using your credit card or Paypal.

This tool is very useful for people who find great value in printed pictures compared to digital pictures, especially when sharing moments with friends.


  • Send postcards from your iPhone to mail.
  • Finds missing addresses for you.
  • Add personal messages.
  • Change designs.
  • Include a map with your GPS location.
  • Sign postcard with finger.
  • Similar Tools: Postagram.

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