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If you are one of those users interested in keeping updated about the upcoming 2012 presidential elections, then the Post Politics app is for you. However, the app is just as useful for political junkies and the less obsessed.

post politics

One of the best things about the app is that it presents the data in a very appealing way emphasized by The Post’s photo, images and graphics. The news is filtered to show only the important ones.

The app also has some other great interesting features such as “Fact Checker” and a “Candidate Tool”. The first app shows the various statements made by the political candidates and assesses their veracity.

The second feature, “Candidate Tool” helps users find out where GOP candidates stand, and stood before, on major campaign issues – such as health care, Afghanistan, etc.

There is also a historical map that shows every vote, in every state, in every US presidential election, since 1789. A feature most liked by history lovers. The polling map shows the current GOP of candidates in the different states.


The app also has a paid section available for $2.99 per month that offers extra features including The Insider’s Corner, which features Washington Post’s political blogs, columns and commentary, and Campaign Files, which let users view all the articles that were showcased on the app.


  • Read only the important stories – stories that actually matter and need to be read.
  • Browse content by individual candidates.
  • Find the current GOP achieved by different candidates, according to the state.
  • In App Premium features available for $2.99 per month.

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