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For everyone who has been waiting patiently to get into Spotify but couldn’t get an invite, fear not because the wait is finally over. Spotify is now available for anyone to join without an invite, if you live in the US, UK, Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Simply head over to Spotify, register for a free account and you will be ready to go.

Spotify offers three plans, one is free, one costs $5 a month and the last costs $10 a month. The free plan allows users to stream music with ads. The $5 plan removes ads and time limits from the site. The $10 plan removes everything, and allows users to download the music from the service and play it on a personal device without being connected to the Internet.

According to MacWorld, in Europe where Spotify has some 50 million subscribers, only 1 million of those opt for the paid portion of the service. Clearly the free option is the most popular, and now that Spotify is available to all in the USA I don’t see those figures changing. The $10 price point is right on par with similar music streaming services, so I would expect them to be competitive with them.

If you are interested in checking out Spotify, go sign up and let us know in the comments how you like it.

Source: MacWorld


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