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When Mac power users want to customize the folder, file and dock icons on their Macs, CandyBar has been the tool for doing so. CandyBar used to sell for $30, but now its developers, Panic, have released Candybar for free, and it’s even updated for the Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion.

In a press release this week, Panic explained that because Apple has changed how the dock is rendered in the new OS, “it is no longer possible to customize the Dock’s look. Also, CandyBar still can’t change the internal icons of Mac App Store apps, due to code signing“. Because of this, and in light of the long-term changes to system icons on the Mac, Panic feels uncomfortable about continuing to charge for CandyBar.

CandyBar, however, is still useful for the foreseeable future, allowing users to change and restore folder icons on the fly. If you have never used the program, you can, for example change the folder icon for your iTunes folder to a more recognizable icon, by simply selecting in CandyBar the icon you to change the folder to, and then drag and drop the iTunes folder into the Quick Drop window of CandyBar. It will instantly change the iTunes folder to the one you selected in CandyBar. You can of course change any folder or file icon manually, but CandyBar makes it an easy drag-and-drop process.

You can find a wide variety of third-party well designed icons on sites like The iConfactory, which allows you to download and automatically import icons into CandyBar.

Source: Panic


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