No More Line: Popular iPhone App Mailbox Is Now Available Without The Wait [Updates]

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If you have been standing in the virtual line to get your hands on popular iPhone app Mailbox, we have some good news for you: your wait is over. The developers of the now Dropbox-owned app announced yesterday that you can start using the latest version of Mailbox immediately after you download it from the iTunes App Store.

Since its release back in early February, Mailbox has been delivering over 100 million messages per day, according to the developers’ latest blog post. “We believe we can now confidently handle new users as they sign up, so we pulled down the reservation system.”

As of now, Mailbox only works with Gmail, and is optimized for the iPhone’s screen. The app makes use of the multitouch finger gestures of the iPhone, which lets you navigate, respond to, or delete messages with the swipe of your finger. Mailbox can also be used as a to-do manager, allowing you to swipe and designate emails for review at a later time or date. You can also organize emails into customized folders, or simply swipe and archive them altogether.

The popular app also received a 1.2.0 version update this week, which includes smarter snoozes based on time of day and week, the ability to swipe many meeting items at one time, user interface improvements (e.g. double tap a bubble to see the email address), and several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Mailbox is certainly a cutting edge email client, and many users are anticipating its arrival to other platforms and other email providers. If you use Gmail and own an iPhone, you can try it out right now by downloading it from the App Store.

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What do you think of Mailbox? Did you manage to get in before, or will you try it now for the first time?

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Its a great app with visual treats and cool features, but the lack of support for various emails accounts still makes it one more mail app to go through.

Bakari Chavanu

NotoriousZeus, I think more support is coming the next update. Another similar app called Mail Pilot has wider support for different clients.



Have been using for a while. Some obvious features are missing and it needs more flexibility for GMail labels integration, but it is still the best email client for me. Switched to it entirely. Use multiple email providers via forwarding to GMail.

Bakari Chavanu

Azthemaster, thanks for your feedback. I think I read that the app will soon be updated for iCloud Mail support.

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