Boomerang Gmail Extension Releases Android Email Client [Updates]

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Email management tool Boomerang is back in the headlines, thanks to a new Android app. A complimentary tool for users of the popular browser extension, Boomerang for Android is a full-fledged email client offering the features that made the browser extension famous – including the ability to hit the snooze button on emails that aren’t yet actionable.

Boomerang allows you to schedule emails to show up in your inbox later. This is very useful if, like many, you use your inbox as a sort of to-do list – and you try to keep it clean, inbox zero style. But whereas Boomerang for Gmail was a browser extension, Boomerang for Android is a replacement for Google’s default email app.

Many – though not all – of the features of Gmail’s app are present, along with Boomerang’s functionality: snoozing emails, scheduling messages to be sent later and tracking responses to your emails. It also makes use of gestures for archiving while in the inbox.

Boomerang is particularly well-suited to mobile usage because it allows you to clear out your inbox on the go, confident that anything work-sensitive will reappear in your inbox when you’ll need it – later.

Browser extensions are notably not supported on mobile devices – making an extension like Boomerang less relevant in a mobile world.

“We have wanted a first-rate mobile experience to complement our desktop offering for quite some time,” said Boomerang Chief of Product Aye Moah. “We now have the resources and bandwidth to make a fully featured and well thought out mobile client.”

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The app is, for now, only for Gmail and Google Apps users – though generic IMAP support is on the way, according the the developers. It’s Android only, for now – with no immediate plans for an iOS version.

Check out Boomerang for Android.

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Boomarang for Gmail is nice but waaaaaaaaay to expensive. E.g. 11 emails cost 5 bucks a month. Ridiculous pricing model.


I agree!

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