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PopShot is a utility for Mac OS that lets you take screenshots from the Mac’s menu bar. Unlike other tools it lets you define screenshot settings before you take a screenshot and remembers these settings for all future screenshot captures. It is located in the Menu Bar for quick access. Once you download and install it, click on its icon from the menu bar to set up your screenshot settings.

You can define the area to capture (Crop, Window or Full screen), file type (PNG, JPG, TIFF and PDF) and where to output (URL, File or your favorite app), or even enter a custom name for your screenshot file.

screenshot menu bar mac

If you choose to output your screenshot to a URL, you can take multiple screenshots one by one and their URLs will all be saved to your clipboard. If you choose to output to an app, the selected app will open your captured screenshot. Every time you change settings it remembers them for future screen capture sessions so you won’t have to define them all over again.

The app is free but it has a recommended pay-what-you-want fee of $10. If you don’t want to pay, you still will have to share it on Facebook or Twitter before you can download it.




  • Grab screenshots to URL, file or your favorite app.
  • Define screenshot capture settings before you take a screenshot.
  • Capture window, full screen or crop.
  • Save in JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF.
  • Automatically copies to clipboard for you to paste in email or online.
  • Automatically stores all the information from one session to future sessions for convenience.
  • Similar tools – Upshot.

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