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Transferring files between your phone and your computer can be done in a variety of ways. Some people use Dropbox, and some even use Bump. However, both services come with their own sets of hassles. For instance, Dropbox Top 10 Creative Uses For Dropbox Or Other Cloud Storage Top 10 Creative Uses For Dropbox Or Other Cloud Storage The agility, flexibility, and low-cost scale ups turn cloud storage options into more than an online vault to back up your documents and files. But cloud storage is more than these important but mundane uses.... Read More requires the installation of its desktop app for a truly fluid experience, and Bump requires users to physically slam their device onto their keyboard.

An alternative option to these services is PopSend – an iOS app that allows for the seamless transfer of files from phone to desktop and vice-versa. While the app is not necessarily free from its own hassles, it’s great for what it is.

share files from iphone

Right off the bat, you’ll have to sign in with your Facebook account. You can then get on your PC and log in to the website using your Facebook account. After scanning an onscreen QR code, your device will automatically be connected. From there, you can send files from your mobile to device to your phone, receive files, or send files to your Facebook friends.


There is no true nuisance-free method of sharing files between devices, but PopSend sure makes things easier. Since you don’t have to install anything, it’s easy to share files using any computer. This is one benefit over Dropbox, and while Bump allows you to use any computer as well, you don’t have to hit your keyboard with anything.



  • Shares files from device to computer.
  • Shares files with Facebook friends.
  • Usable on nearly any computer.
  • Can send notes to PC.

Try out PopSend for the iPhone by visiting the iTunes store.

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