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A video game company and the American Dental Association seem like strange partners, but they’ve joined up to offer something every gamer is interested in – a free game.

The promotion, which goes by the name “Stop Zombie Mouth,” is meant as an alternative to sugary treats this Halloween season. Anyone wishing to give away PopCap’s tower defense hit Plants vs. Zombies instead of sweets can head to the promotion’s website and download a sheet of free game coupons. And you can pick one up for yourself, of course.

The coupons are available immediately but they cannot be redeemed until October 30th or after November 10th. There’s no limit on the number of copies that will be given away.  Only the PC and Mac versions of the game are eligible, however – mobile ports PopCap Brings Both Peggle & Plants vs. Zombies To The Android Market [News] PopCap Brings Both Peggle & Plants vs. Zombies To The Android Market [News] It seems that no matter where you shop for apps, PopCap is there. Steam, the iTunes Store, and even Amazon’s Android App Store have all featured the company’s games. Only the official Android Market has... Read More aren’t part of this promotion.

There are a few other Plants vs. Zombies freebies on the site including coloring pages, desktop wallpapers and Halloween masks. You’ll also find a link to a local dentist search tool and some tips on how to keep your teeth clean.

Do you think a free game is likely to be an accepted alternative to standard Halloween treats or would you rather grab a fistful of candy corn? Let us know in the comments.


Source: CNET

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