PopCap And American Dental Association Offer Plants vs. Zombies For Free [Updates]

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A video game company and the American Dental Association seem like strange partners, but they’ve joined up to offer something every gamer is interested in – a free game.

The promotion, which goes by the name “Stop Zombie Mouth,” is meant as an alternative to sugary treats this Halloween season. Anyone wishing to give away PopCap’s tower defense hit Plants vs. Zombies instead of sweets can head to the promotion’s website and download a sheet of free game coupons. And you can pick one up for yourself, of course.

The coupons are available immediately but they cannot be redeemed until October 30th or after November 10th. There’s no limit on the number of copies that will be given away.  Only the PC and Mac versions of the game are eligible, however – mobile ports aren’t part of this promotion.

There are a few other Plants vs. Zombies freebies on the site including coloring pages, desktop wallpapers and Halloween masks. You’ll also find a link to a local dentist search tool and some tips on how to keep your teeth clean.

Do you think a free game is likely to be an accepted alternative to standard Halloween treats or would you rather grab a fistful of candy corn? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CNET

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Drew Butler

not a big fan of popcap but I love the idea… thanks for the share. printed 3 sheets so I have something to give the kids in the neighborhood :)


Mark Silos

I hope i won’t forget the dates

April Eum

my thoughts exactly hahah

Matt Smith

That’s what Google Calender is for!


Karin Holmqvist

I also love the idea but I’m not sure the kids think the same. At least I don’t think I would have been happy with getting game coupons instead of sweets when I was a kid. Have downloaded the a coupon page, just in case ;)

Matt Smith

I think older kids will like it since they’ll know what to do with it, but some young kids may not quite understand what it’s for

Mac Witty

Don’t you think older kids already found out ;)


Malkhaz Abuladze

Wow, great, thanks for info. Cool game



I love this game….nice idea!


Alex Perkins

That is a great idea, the amount of rubbish kids eat is amazing. I’m a teen but i rarely demolish loads of junk food. I have my mother and wonderful home meals to thank for that.


Katie Conway

Just printed a few sheets. What a great idea!


Boni Oloff



Vincent Ward

This is a brilliant idea! I bet Zombies are the BEST BAD role model of dental health :p haha


Zombie Lover

:) too bad people are picking on zombies. But, brilliant idea by the way :D


Raghav Gupta

I got it on the first day

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