PoopSenders: Send A Poop As A Gift

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Why not serve it nasty and stinky? PoopSenders is a web service that lets you send a poop package to anyone anonymously. The site claims that it is the ultimate gag gift to get back at someone such as an annoying person, a mean boss, an inconsiderate ex, mechanic or salesman that ripped you, or basically anyone who you just don’t like.

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The website lets you select the type and size of poop to send. You can choose between cow dung, elephant crap and gorilla poop. A quart of a poop ranges from $12.95 to $16.95 (plus $6.95 shipping) while a gallon of poop ranges from $19.95 to $23.95 (plus $9.95 shipping). As for the payment, the site accepts major credit cards and Paypal. Unfortunately, international customers will miss out since it is only available in the United States.

The poop packages contain a business card right on the poop with this message: “YOU’VE BEEN POOPED ON. WANT TO KNOW BY WHOM? OVER.” The recipient would then have to dig over the poop only to find out this message on the back: “WE’LL NEVER TELL. WWW.POOPSENDERS.COM”.

image thumb119   PoopSenders: Send A Poop As A Gift


  • Send a poop package to a person that you don’t like anonymously
  • Choose the type of poop: cow dung, elephant crap or gorilla poop
  • Choose the size of the poop: a quart or a gallon

Check out PoopSenders @ www.poopsenders.com

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