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fashion stylesHere’s a little something for fashion lovers – a site which lets you create those cute little display pictures of a particular fashion style. You know those style pages in magazines where the stylists have decided on the look they want to create and they build the look by showing you great shoes, dresses, jeans, handbags, make-up and accessories? Well now you can easily do the same using your favourite fashion items.

Polyvore lets you quickly piece together a look from a great selection of fashion items, allowing you to show off your fashion taste and even enter competitions with your stylish creations. It’s a lot of fun and could be useful for anyone who wants to create or find a new look for themselves.

Get Started

Signing up is easy “” especially if you want to use your Facebook login. You can be creating in seconds! Jump right in and make a set.

fashion styles

Creating a set is very straightforward. If you need a little help, there’s a handy video you can watch to show you a few tricks.


Also try creating a collection “” these contain sets either made by yourself or other people. Just keep adding the looks you like!

style fashion clothes

Handy tip: Add the clipper bookmarklet to your browser so you can add to your favourites any items you see elsewhere on the web.


The Explore page is a great way to learn about fashion, enter competitions, see new sets that are up-and-coming, and to generally start your search for interesting fashion items.

It’s also where you can see slightly different creations, like the interior design sets. It seems everyone uses Polyvore in their own way, meaning many new things to explore!

style fashion clothes

You also may like to browse the site simply as a store for shopping.

Follow any lead you like and it will take you on a journey through the site. Follow a trend, brand, set, person – whatever – and you will find many more interlinked from each page. When you find a particular item you like, you can see the sets and collections it features in, similar products, more clothes by that designer and much more. It’s also very easy to save the product as a favourite or simply buy it. Favourites are a great way to keep track of things you frequently want to add to sets or things you’re keen to buy.

style fashion clothes


There are so many things to do on Polyvore. As well as simply creating your own sets and collections, you can join groups, ask for style advice, enter competitions for virtual trophies or real prizes and even create your own competitions. Along the way, you’ll probably meet some like-minded friends.

Want to come up with a great outfit for an upcoming event? Either ask the style gurus for advice or start a competition to get people brainstorming for you!


Everything you create on Polyvore can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, Tumblr, RSS or embedding on your blog. You can even create a mini-editor to embed on your blog so that your blog visitors can have a got at creating a set too!

About Polyvore

Polyvore is all about creating stylish, user-generated, shareable content. With the great team at Polyvore and the big designers and celebrities backing Polyvore, such as Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Yves Saint Laurent and Nordstrom, there’s always great fashion to be found on this site. By using the clipper to add your finds to your favourites, you are expanding the possibilities even further.

This site is great fun for anyone with even a passing interest in fashion “” teens especially will love it. Guys don’t have many clothes listed in Polyvore as the girls do, but if you get busy with the clipper tool guys can have just as much fun!

fashion styles

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If you’ve just joined, show off your new Polyvore sets in the comments!

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  1. Kelly Shaver
    January 6, 2011 at 1:50 am

    I tried using this on iPad and I cant seem to drag the items...any adivse? Or make an iPad accessible free app? I would love to use this but I only have ipad