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Creating an online poll often involves a number of steps. You first have to find a poll creation app and sign up for an account on it. Next you create the poll and share its URL with your friends. Finally you share the poll’s results with your friends. This entire process is made much easier by Pollowers.

poll your followers

Pollowers is a free to use web service that lets you create online polls and then share them with your friends on Twitter. After you authorize the app access to your Twitter account, you can create the online poll by specifying a question and entering a few options; a preview of the poll is displayed alongside the editing options.


You can enter an expiration duration for the poll and choose to auto-tweet it after every few minutes. When the poll expires, its results can be automatically tweeted through your account for friends to see thereby saving you a lot of time. Or if you want, you can disable the auto-tweeting functions and keep all things manual.



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