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New website that lets you create text message polls and follow votes in real time. Say you are giving a presentation and want to know what audiesnce thinks about it. Simply tell your audience to send a short text message to provided number and see votes update right in your browser (or directly inside on of the slides in your presentation) in real time. The votes can be collected via SMS or web.

Poll Everywhere -  SMS polls

You can create 3 types of polls with Poll Everywhere:

    (1) Multiple choice polls – “Choose your favorite color ?”. You define a list of possible answers. Graphs will display the results in real-time.

    (2) Free text polls – “What is your name?”. Your audience can text in any answer. You can use it to gather feedback or identifying information, like names, age or ID numbers.

    (3) Pledge polls – “Raise money for my non-profit” Receive pledges for donations to your non-profit from people via text messages. You can use pledge thermometer which shows live pledges to add excitement and encourage other people to pledge.

See a screenshot takes from a sample multiple choice poll:

Multiple choice polls


  • Create text message polls and see result update in real time.
  • Free account lets you create as many polls as you like with audience limit of 30 votes
  • Download polls as Powerpoint slides.
  • Analyze results in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Premium account with more options available, check price list.

Check out Poll Everywhere @

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