PollCode: Quickly Create & Embed or Share a Single Question Poll

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Do you need to quickly gauge public opinion? PollCode.com allows you to quickly create and embed a poll on your website, or to share a custom poll with a simple link. Even better, creating a poll is simple and fast, meaning you can enter questions and share all in a matter of minutes.

Whether you want to poll the users of your website or quickly gauge the opinion of your co-workers, PollCode.com is the quickest way to ask a single question and get a breakdown of responses, question. Just head to the site and fill in the question alongside potential answers:

create question poll

You can only ask one question, but for quick questions this should be more than enough. There’s no limit to the number of answers you can provide, so feel free to leave as many options as are appropriate.

When you’re done, you’ll be given code for embedding the poll on any website. Don’t own a website? No problem. You’ll also get a direct link you can use to share the poll, or you can simply click one of the many social networking share buttons.


If you provide a link, those who take your poll can leave comments, leaving you with more than just statistical feedback.

  • An easy to use web app.
  • Create an online poll in minutes.
  • Embed a poll on your site, or just share a link.
  • A quick way to get quick feedback from your readers or friends.
  • Similar: Pollmo, Urtak, Polls Boutique and Doodle.

Check out PollCode @ www.PollCode.com

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