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In last week’s poll How Did Twitter Affect Your Life? [Poll] How Did Twitter Affect Your Life? [Poll] Read More , we asked you if Twitter changed your life or just gave you more work. We only had 160 responses. The majority of you who answered did not use Twitter or didn’t even know what it was.

However, out of the 57 of you that did use Twitter, only 16 people thought it gave them more work!

36 of you said that Twitter did improve your lives. 25 people voted that Twitter did add to their work load but they loved it! I fall into that category. You can see all of the responses and our next poll after the jump.


This week’s poll is about operating systems. How many do you use? I know a lot of people who are booting two, three, four and even five operating systems on their computers. After all, there is a different tool for every job. Why not a different operating system for any task? Do you agree? A Mac for photo editing, a PC for running Active Directory and a Linux machine for its open source repository goodness.

We will be including virtual machines in this vote as well as physically-booted operating systems.

Your vote will reflect how many operating systems you can boot from your computer, not from a live CD or DVD.

And we would love to hear from what operating systems they are. Voice out in the comments! Personally, I have 3 bootable operating systems (XP, Vista and Seven) in addition to my 6 virtual machines including Windows 98, ME, NT 4, Ubuntu, Mac OS X 10.6 and puppy Linux. So how about you?

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