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Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, following politics is necessary if you want to stay well informed with what is going on in the country. One of the latest ways politicians are connecting with the general public is by using Twitter. Using the social network to track politicians and their updates would therefore be a useful move. Using a web service called Politicker USA, you can do precisely that.

tweets politicians

Using Politicker USA, you can view the Twitter updates of all politicians ranging from Barack Obama to Kelly Ayotte. Politicians appear as thumbnails with their relevant updates displayed on the homepage. You can click on a politician’s image to be taken to their Twitter profile. The filtering option lets you view updates from particular politicians. A tag cloud is also displayed to indicate party trends as well as politicians trends.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you track Twitter updates of politicians.
  • Covers Democrats and Republicans.
  • Generates tag clouds to indicate politics trends.

Check out Politicker USA @


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