PolicyTool: Create A Social Media Policy For Your Company

With social networks becoming an integral part of everybody’s life, it is important for companies to have a clear and concise policy about the use of social media by its employees. However, not every company can afford a team of legal experts to do that. For those who want a quick solution, PolicyTool is a great help.

PolicyTool generates a social media policy for your company by making you answer a few quick questions. Once you have answered these questions about general rules for using social media and information about your company, a comprehensive social media policy is generated that can be used for commercial purposes free of charge.

policytool   PolicyTool: Create A Social Media Policy For Your Company


  • Generate a social media policy for your company.
  • No writing, just answer some simple questions.
  • See notes/tips to help you answer questions.
  • Includes all the legal and technical things.
  • Copy/Paste policy to use anywhere or share via email.
  • No registration required.

Visit PolicyTool @ www.policytool.net

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