Pokki: Get Desktop Applications For Popular Web Services

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Desktop apps are generally more responsive than web apps which is why people prefer desktop clients of numerous web services over their native web interfaces. If you are one of these people then you will find Pokki to be very helpful.

pokki   Pokki: Get Desktop Applications For Popular Web Services

Pokki is a set of desktop apps that correspond to popular web services. Currently these services are limited to Gmail, Facebook, LivingSocial, Groupie, Headlines, Wall Street, eBay, and Tweeki. You can download a Pokki for any service and have its icon appear in your Windows taskbar. Each Pokki helps you use your browser less for each service.

The Facebook Pokki, for instance, displays your News Feed, Notifications, Messages, and Friend Requests; but to read your messages or go to a wall post, the Pokki opens Facebook in your web browser.

pokki1   Pokki: Get Desktop Applications For Popular Web Services

Such desktop applications will certainly save you time while using the abovementioned services. Pokki also offers developers an SDK to assist them in creating Pokkis for their own apps.


  • A user-friendly tool.
  • Provides desktop clients for popular web services.
  • Helps save your time while using these services.
  • Provides SDK to help developers create desktop clients for their own apps.
  • Similar tools: Desktopify, Snippage and Grazzr.

Check out Pokki @ www.pokki.com

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