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Calling your friends and loved ones overseas can be very expensive especially during the holidays. Poke Talk is a web service that allows you to call most parts of the world from your phone for free.

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Making a phone call with Poke Talk is easy. Just register for an account and enter your telephone number as well as the number that you are calling. Poke Talk will automatically connect your number to your recipient. You can then use your landline or cell-phone to make free calls.

This crafty app even allows you to send SMS messages, create web callbacks, schedule, track, and analyze calls, and more. PokeTalk provides coverage for more than 55 countries.

PokeTalk offers accounts where you get 5 free calls to free destinations. You can also pay to credit your account if you want to call more destinations and get rid of adverts. Rates vary by country and the type of service that you want to use (check their rate calculator)

PokeTalk: Make Phone Calls From Your Browser image thumb100



  • Make calls to more than 55 countries around the world.
  • Option to call from your landline or mobile phone.
  • Free calls available to bonus destinations.
  • Other services include call tracking, web callbacks, schedule calls, SMS, support for roaming SIM and more.
  • Similar Tools include Flaphone, Cheapest-VoIP, Fring, and EvaPhone.

Check out PokeTalk @

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