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pokemon mmoJust recently, I introduced MUO readers to an online version of the Zelda series’ “A Link to the Past”. The Zelda series is one that just won’t fade away. In this post, I’d like to go down that same road with another huge series in gaming history: Pokémon!

If you were a kid (or parent) in the ’90s, you know Pokémon. Video games, movies, and perhaps most popularly with trading cards, Pokémon exploded onto the scene and every kid wanted to be a part of it. Today, the monster-taming adventure continues on through handheld consoles as games continue to be released under this legendary series.

We’re in the age of the MMO, and certain fans won’t allow the Pokémon series to slack behind. Just recently, I stumbled upon PokeMMO and if you’re an eager kid or nostalgic grown-up then this could definitely turn into a timesink.

Click here to go to the official PokeMMO website!

The PokeMMO website lists the game as “coming soon,” but after spending a few hours on the game I can tell you that it has evolved far beyond that stage of development.

pokemon mmo

In a nutshell, PokeMMO is the Gameboy Advance’s “Pokemon – Fire Red” in a massively-multiplayer form. PokeMMO allows for battling other players, trading with them, chatting, joining ranked tournaments, and even the development of user-created content that could be added to the world.


Let me explain how you can immediately begin playing.

Create an Account

You’ll first need to register an account to play under. Be advised that your account name won’t be your trainer name. You can make several different characters under a single account.

Download the Game

Next, download the PokeMMO archive. Extract it to wherever you’d like.

pokemon mmo online

It’s portable and requires no hard installation, so you can take it with you on a flash drive or throw it in your Dropbox.

Download the ROMs

To play PokeMMO, you need to have the Fire Red ROM. Optionally, you can also pick up HeartGold and SoulSilver for the DS. They will be used for graphical updates in the future.

pokemon mmo online

These ROMs (extracted from any archives) need to be placed in the roms folder, wherever you extracted the PokeMMO archive at.

Please be aware of the legality of owning ROMs and emulating console games on your PC. If you are unaware of how any of that jargon goes, read up on it. We take no responsibility in anyone’s activity should they choose to illegally download a ROM. Be a good gamer!

Run the Game

If all went well, you can now run the game. For Windows users, run PokeMMO.exe. If you’re on Linux, use Login, go through the character creation process, and you’ll be ready to get started!

pokemon mmo

If you need help, try using the chat or one of the various walkthroughs and FAQs online. The core of this game is Fire Red, so you can still enjoy a full playthrough of a great game in the Pokémon series while readying yourself for the challenges of the MMO aspects.

Let me know what you guys think of this game and the Pokémon series overall in the comments!

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