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If you run a business and do marketing via e-mail, you probably need tools to track what your prospects did when they received your e-mail. Did they open it, click a link, or downloaded an attachment? Maybe you want to know how long they read your e-mail, or how many from your list of receivers forwarded your e-mail. These are all important data if you hope to acquire clients for your proposal or  promotions for your business. PointofMail is a cool e-mail app that allows you track your e-mails in detail, take control of them, and get all the data you need to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

tracking sent emails

While there are several online apps that send mass e-mails and tracks them for you, PointofMail offer a much cheaper package if all you need to do is track your sent mail. There is minimal set-up required to start tracking – all you need to do is to type at the end of each e-mail address that you want to send to. Your e-mail then passes through your PointofMail account where it quickly tracks the sent e-mail for you. You can also send e-mail from within your PointofMail dashboard, allowing you to import your contacts from any e-mail service.

The Analytics tab shows you a nice summary and detailed reports for stats like read rate, duration, times read, sent, forwarded, download attached, and more. You will also receive a notification via e-mail or SMS when your sent e-mail is read.

Even if you are not doing marketing, PointofMail is very useful for sending secure e-mails and making sure that critical e-mails are sent and read. It also has a self-destructing feature that deletes itself after being opened. Other features include signatures, browser toolbar for easy sending, and much more.

tracking your emails


PointofMail provides a new level to your e-mail experience, which by all measures, is a medium we depend upon for important tasks and transactions.

PointofMail has provided MUO readers with 30 free trial accounts for 6 months with 200 e-mail credits. You can get this free account by contacting with the code “”. First 30 readers who use this code gets this extended trial.


  • Advanced tracker for your e-mail
  • Comes with the tracking features of a full e-mail marketing app
  • Add at the end of the e-mail address for easy tracking
  • Analytics include summary, read rate, duration, read, sent, forwarded, attachment opened
  • E-mail and SMS notifications
  • Control e-mail content as it gets sent

Check out PointofMail @

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  1. Mango Wodzak
    February 1, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    According to WOT (Web of Trust FF extension), this website has a bad reputation and is unsafe to visit.. Can you verify whether or not that is truly the case??