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When you lose your phone or when it gets stolen, one of the most frustrating things is to lose the pictures that you had on it. Thus you should always keep a backup copy of the media stored on your phone. However manually synchronizing your phone to a computer or an online account is not very convenient. Which is why PogoPlug was created – to automate the synchronization process.

automatically sync phone photos

PogoPlug is a web service for iOS devices that helps synchronize photos and videos directly to an online account. You start by visiting the service’s homepage through your device and registering for an account.  Next you download the PogoPlug application that, after you log in, automatically begins synchronizing photos and videos to your PogoPlug account. You are given 5GB of online storage right away while additional storage can be purchased.

The service helps to not only back up your data but also make it accessible from any computer with Internet access.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you back up your phone’s photos and videos online.
  • Supports iOS devices.
  • Works through an iOS applications.
  • Provides 5GB of online storage free.

Check out PogoPlug @


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