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You know about Groupon, the daily deals site, right? Well, Poggled is like that, except that it only caters to the party and club hopping crowd. Yes, it’s daily discounts site for nightlife events (read clubs). It’s currently limited to 4 US cities – Chicago, Denver, New York and Milwaukee. It has a site and apps for iPhone and Android, and apart from the daily deals on club admissions and drinks, it also offers some VIP services like luxury transportation and party management.

nightlife daily deals

This might be a good idea because nightlife events are frequented by groups and they’d probably not shy away from a bargain if offered. And the cities in which it is currently available are known for their busy nightlife.


  • Daily bargains on club admissions, food and drinks.
  • Available in Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and New York.

Check out Poggled @

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