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Pods is a free framework for the ever-popular content management system WordPress that gives the beginner or seasoned developer a more expansive way to work with custom content on a WordPress blog. Being a framework, the aim of the game is to achieve a lot with as little code as possible.

do more with wordpress

Using Pods you can take an already heavily customised WordPress installation to the next level, for example adding a “Products” or “Downloads” section to your WP-admin backend alongside the usual Posts and Pages. The framework allows users to base content types off their own custom tables, speeding up development and keeping everything neatly organised behind the scenes.


Pods also has a powerful API for more advanced coders to use, packages that can be downloaded to add extra functionality, a forum for discussing your projects and exhaustive documentation for helping you get started. It’s easily one of the most powerful WordPress add-ons out there, and it’s free.



  • Framework for rapid development with pre-defined functions and code.
  • Create custom tables and use those to realise your ideas of transforming WordPress into more than a blog with a few hacks.
  • Extend Pods with free downloadable packages from the homepage and ask other Pods users questions on the forum.
  • Do even more with the framework’s API.

Check out Pods Framework @

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