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In many ways, consuming online content is better when heard than read.

convert to podcast

If you are an avid podcast listener, perhaps you’d wish that all online content goes through your podcast app. Podcastomatic is a web service that converts your favorite blog into a podcast show you can subscribe to and download with iTunes or any podcasting app.

Using the standard text to speech software, Podcastomatic fetches the content  that you want using the blog’s RSS feed. It then converts each new blog post as fresh episodes for you to tune in and download.

The app works seamlessly. All you need to do is enter the URL of the blog that you want to convert into a podcast, then wait for a few minutes as the app does its job. Once done, you will get a link to the podcast RSS or an iTunes link which allows you to auto-subscribe to the podcast. You can also choose to download each podcast file separately or stream the podcast from the browser. Though it lacks more options other than the standard voice, the text-to speech is decent enough for casual listening.



Podcastomatic is handy if you need your daily fix of blog-reading but have no time to sit down and read. You can now catch the latest updates and breaking news from blogs while listening on the commute.


  • Convert your favorite blogs’ posts into podcast.
  • Stream or download individual converted blog posts.
  • Use link to subscribe through iTunes or your podcast app.
  • Episodes readily available for major blogs so you don’t have to wait for conversion.

Check out Podcastomatic @ 

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  1. Mayur Godhani
    January 4, 2013 at 5:15 am

    Just converted my some blog posts to podcast using this tool !! An amazing tool, without any errors..