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I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that students are literally, amazingly and unbelievably close to living like paupers. Any students in the house? How many of you barely get by, working the late shift in the library or crunching odd hours as the uni’s technical assistant? I hear you. We bottom-feeders should stick together.

From the makers of MotivationLOL 4 Apps To Make Motivational Posters 4 Apps To Make Motivational Posters Read More comes an application which can help (or mock) you by tracking your cash flow and improve your (non-existent) money management. Yes, as you would have guessed — the app was developed as a joke. Even Bravobug (the developer) admitted it. But wait, don’t look away just yet. Ignore the Joe Pesci remarks or disable the mockery altogether; Pocket Lint can actually be a pretty useful application especially for poor folks.

When I say poor, I don’t mean it in a bad way. In all honesty, who really uses those fancy calculation tools in other money management apps? Come on, who can actually be committed enough to track each and every expenditure?

Pocket Lint breaks it all down to the fundamental elements — monthly expenditure and income. And it works.

Download and launch the app; and you’ll be greeted with a pretty long welcome message. Read it through and you’ll roughly get the hang of using the app in general (at the end, notice that it does admit to being a joke, hah).

Then you’ll be staring at the main interface. Ignore the mockery like the Joe Pesci Proximity Alert, don’t press on “Win The Lottery” no matter how strong the urge, and forget about the Graph button. Yes, the output Graph is a joke too. Hey, I told you not to press it!


The rest of the stuff is legit. To add a monthly expenditure, click on the Expense button and fill in the details, click OK then watch the Monthly Total refresh to indicate how much money you will eventually spend. Go on listing every one of your darn monthly expenditures and try not to get too frustrated at the amount of cash that’s slipping through your fingers.

Make yourself feel better by adding any sources of income you have. Go ahead and click on the Income button. The amount earned can either be calculated as a monthly or hourly wage. There’s even a field for tax deduction (yeah, like I need a reminder for that).

OK, so I’ll admit — being a student and a poor person, things do look pretty bleak after listing it all down. I’ll add a fake source of income just for more “green-coloured” entries.

Here’s hoping that your Monthly Total is now in the clear. If not, well, that’s why this app is a joke. Want to win the lottery?

Or perhaps you are willing to sell your kidney? There’s a quick entry for that, believe it or not. Again, Pocket Lint wasn’t developed for the hardcore finance geeks who are obsessed with how much cash there is in their wallet (including coins) or in the bank at this very moment (plus interest). No, Pocket Lint was intended to help the light-hearted students in pauperdom manage our monthly spendings quickly and easily.

Who cares if we dip into our savings this month? So what if we only can afford to buy groceries when they’re on sale? We’re students and we’re living the student life. This is probably the one time you’re missing out if you’re a rich kid.

Pocket Lint works great as a pick-me-up and a basic money management tool. It’s fully compatible with Snow Leopard. But if you’re too poor to upgrade, it works fine on OS X 10.4+. Phew.

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