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If you live in or near California you will be well aware of the constant threats of earthquakes in that region. While everybody fears a big one, small earthquakes and shocks keep rattling that side of the world every now and then. If you live in the region and want to see when the last earthquake was experienced around your city, try PNWQuakes.

The tool doesn’t require anything except your zip code and it provides you information about the most recent seismic activity along with the magnitude, depth and exact location on Google Maps. You can also call or SMS to get automated information.

It is a great tool to make sure if what you felt was really an earthquake or just the garbage truck passing by. Too bad it only covers activity in the northwest of the United States.

recent earthquake activity


  • Find recent earthquake activity around you.
  • Provides magnitude, distance, location and depth of the shock.
  • You can also call or text to get the information.
  • No registration required.

Visit PNWQuakes @


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