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You probably use Firefox. Why? Probably because you’re a smart cookie and you know that it’s faster, more secure, and all that jazz. Well, I’ve grown tired of that. I want Firefox to be the most fun browser to use. I want to trick people into getting blown up with my browser!

What? I can do that? With PMOG, it’s possible!

PMOG, which stands for “Passively Multiplayer Online Game,” is a 200k browser add-on for Firefox that makes social browsing a lot more fun and interesting. Sign up and install the toolbar and you’re on your way to underhanded online fun. How does it work?

PMOG Toolbar

The PMOG toolbar sits at the bottom of your Firefox window and gives you ready access to your supplies: mines, armor, portals, lightposts, and chests. It also gives you quick access to your PMOG profile page and an IM bar that lets you message other players. As you progress in the game, you’ll collect datapoints (money) – you’ll need them to reload your inventory in the PMOG shoppe.


the PMOG profile page keeps you informed of activity: yours, your allies, and your rivals

When you visit a site, you can leave behind a mine and the next player to visit will receive a damage message when they arrive. Your toolbar gives you the option to turn on armor, which will, of course, absorb the damage should you wander across someone else’s mine. Fortunately the game gives you a way to strike back – by deploying a “St. Nick,” which will damage whoever placed the mine the next time they drop one. Take that, fiend!

My buddy mines, and I hit it! Fortunately, my armor was on…

If you’d rather be generous you can leave behind a chest, which can contain datapoints or items like mines and armor. Since PMOG players can create alliances and rivalries with each other, chests are a great way to move items from player to player to give your side an advantage.


The toolbar also includes lightposts, which allow you to tag web pages in order to create a mission for other players to take. Think of it as a guided tour – find ten great pages about Gmail hacks, lightpost them, and then use the mission creator to set it up for others to try out (don’t forget to lay your mines along the way). You can also leave behind a portal; if the next player decides to use it, they’re taken to a URI that you pre-set when you place it. It’s a great way to trick someone into a mine, or to lead your allies to hidden chests.

PMOG Portal
Me placing a portal on the Make Use Of site…But where?!

Setting up missions is a great way to get friends, coworkers, or visitors to your site to visit a collection of pages. It’s a lot more entertaining than just shooting a bunch of links off to your preferred social bookmarking site. I mean, you can’t level up on, can you?

PMOG Mission
A mission! Do I take the challenge now, queue it for later, or get back to work? Hmmm….

The only downside to PMOG right now is that it’s still pretty small – there are only about 78,000 mines on the web. That being said, it’s a great concept and a lot of fun if you can get some mates to sign up with you. It’s a really creative way to add some entertainment value to social browsing. As the user base grows, this will turn in to an immensely fun – and hilarious – way to make browsing the web less tiresome.

Still curious? View the PMOG screencast from their launch:

If you don’t PMOG, you should. It’s good, harmless fun and it lets you game while you’re doing real work. Now how can you beat that?

Go sign up, install the toolbar, and keep your eye on the comments section for a mission from me!

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