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Maintaining a testimonials page for your website manually can be inflexible as there is no easy way to update the page. Fortunately, there’s PlusPanda, a web app that can help you easily create testimonials page for your website. After creating the testimonials page, PlusPanda generates a code so you can easily install it on your website.

create testimonials

To create a testimonials page using PlusPanda, first you need to set up the layout of the page. You can configure the theme settings or edit the style with full CSS access. Then you can proceed to add the testimonials with pictures, websites, company information, and star ratings. You can also collect new testimonials using a public form link.

Once you have sufficient testimonials, you can start publishing them to your website through a javascript widget code that PlusPanda generates.

PlusPanda can also work as a customizable guestbook page or a generic comments page for your website.

create testimonials


create testimonials

  • Easily create a customizable testimonials page for your website.
  • Edit the page style with full CSS access.
  • Add categories to the testimonials.
  • Collect new testimonials with a public form link.
  • Install on your site easily using a javascript widget.
  • Easy to implement and automatic to maintain.

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