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Most of us live our entire online lives inside a web browser these days and use a number of browser plugins to take us through our daily tasks. Considering how important browsers are to our daily routine, I’m sure all of you take the pain to upgrade as soon as a new version of your favorite browser is released, but how often do you make sure to check that you have the latest versions of all your favorite plugins ?

How do you even find out if your browser plugins are not updated ?

Mozilla foundation, the guys behind the Firefox browser, have released a web application that attempts to tell you exactly that.

PluginCheck finds out all the plugins that are installed on your browser, tells you the ones that are outdated and also includes a helpful button that takes you to a page where you can downoad the latest version.

upgrade your browser


  • No need to signup.
  • Works with all browsers, but works best with Firefox.
  • Includes instructions to upgrade plugins.
  • If plugin cannot be found, includes instructions on what to do next.
  • No user intervention required. Just visit the site and let it discover your browser plugins.

Check out PluginCheck @

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