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Ever tried raising funds for a cause? If you have, you know very well how chaotic it can be! Running after potential donors, trying to convince them to pledge, collecting money from them e.t.c. In short, it can be a very messy business. Well, somebody thought of making it a bit easier for fund raisers and created Pledgie.

raising funds for a noble cause

Pledgie is a web service that allows you to pledge money for a cause, or accept pledges for your own cause. Setting up campaigns is really easy, simply fill in provided fields with cause details, start and end dates, PayPal info and then click on “Launch a campaign” button. Once a campaign is ready you can post about it on Twitter, Facebook and also embed it on your blog or online profile.

raise money for a cause

Additionally to setting up campaigns you can browse popular causes or causes that interest you and pledge money through PayPal. After your payment has been cleared your name appears in the donors list.

raising funds



  • Pledge or raise money for a cause.
  • Donate money right away with PayPal.
  • Search causes by keywords or browse through categories.
  • Start raising money for your own cause.
  • A progress bar shows how much of the needed amount has been raised.
  • See how many people have already pledged for a particular campaign.
  • Embed the badge for your campaign on any website.
  • Share your campaign on twitter, facebook.

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