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Everybody loves social networks but not everybody understands the risks associated with it. PleaseRobMe is a great tool that shows you how exposing your location on social networks can make you vulnerable to burglars. It uses actual examples from FourSquare and Twitter and displays messages from people who have left their houses.

The site is continuously updated with live messages and tells you exactly when the user leaves home. You can click on any user’s information to go to the actual status update. PleaseRobMe provides this information in a fun way as opportunities for burglars. It also makes a very good point that social network users should be more cautious and pro-active about protecting information that can make them vulnerable.



  • Fun website to see which users have left their homes.
  • Uses FourSqaure to scan a user’s location.
  • Great example of how sharing your location can be risky.
  • No registration required.

Visit PleaseRobMe @

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