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All of us have been proved non-human at some point or another by rogue CAPTCHAs. They are often unreadable and almost always annoying. PlayThru is a great alternative to traditional CAPTCHAs where instead of words or phrases, the CAPTCHA requires you to complete a 2-3 second game. Once you complete the dead simple game, you can proceed to the actual webpage.

For website owners, it comes as a fresh breeze since it increases user satisfaction and also keep the bots away, hence cutting down on spam. For brands and advertisers, this is another great chance to embed their messages in this new form of CAPTCHA. The website also has a ‘Rogues Gallery’ where it shows the wall of fame for some really ugly traditional CAPTCHAs.

game captchas


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  1. Kaly
    January 13, 2012 at 1:47 pm


    Can you be specific. Why do you think it is insecure.