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playsushi_logoThe other day, I ran across a free online game site I haven’t played in a long time.  The reality of the matter is that I haven’t really been into video games for quite some time.  I choose to waste my time in other pursuits.  The fact is that working on and learning about computers, the Internet, and tech in general brings me similar satisfaction as a video game does for so many.  Effectively, that is my video game.

I digress.  I came across that video game I haven’t seen in so many years, remember?  I forget what site I was on or what I was doing but I came across a link to download Street Fighter II for free.

That took me back!  That used to be the coolest game, remember?  The characters where the coolest from all over the world!  They mocked each other with phrases like “Can’t you do better than that?” and “Seeing you in action is a joke!” and “Get lost!  You can’t compare with my powers!” when they won.  Like I said, it took me back to those days of rooms full of kids waiting for a turn, cheering each other on as their friends took on the world of street fighters!

best online game sites

The download was free but to tell the truth, I didn’t get that far.  When I got to the final page to download the game, I was also greeted with an ad to play it at the online game site without the download!  Now that got my attention.  I would almost always rather try something out without downloading if given the chance.  The ad brought me to and that is the site I would like to introduce you to today!

PlaySushi is one of the best best online game sites with a plethora of games to play right in your browser!  There are so many categories of games to choose from.  Let’s check them out!




An action game is one that emphasizes the physical and strengthen reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Try Scooby Doo Terror …, 3 Foot Ninja or Batman Barrels Of Peril.



An adventure game is one that includes an interactive story, puzzle-solving and exploration and of course adventure!

Try Batman Ice Age, A Stitch in Time or Pirate Ship Fools.



The shooter category includes games with guns.  Some are even the side-scrolling style we all remember playing in arcades and skating rinks!

Try Battlefield Assault, Captain Zorro Last Hope or Dead Frontier Night One.



If you like the challenge of figuring out puzzles, then this category is for you!  Pump up your brain muscles and show off your prowess!

Try Lock N Roll, Ancient Jewels or Arabella Gems.



Come to the quiz category to find some questions to answer.  My favorite?  The Dumb quiz!



Then there is the ever so popular Sports category!  Who hasn’t played a sports game?

Try Mountain Bike Challenge, BMX Master or Ben 10 Hero Hoops.

I’d take a gander and say that there are probably other old games that will take you back like Street Fighter II did for me.


Use the search link to run a quick search.


Another alternative would be to do what I did and hit up Google and do a site-specific search by entering something similar to this: [ “street fighter”] without the brackets.


The danger in a site such as PlaySushi is that playing games can become addicting and having so many to choose from to play for free can quickly consume much of your time!  So, consider yourself warned!

Thoughts?  What old games can you find on PlaySushi that bring you back to the “good ol’ days”?  What games bring you back… period (remember Rodent’s Revenge?)?

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