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Hype is beginning to build around the upcoming Playstation Vita handheld gaming console. Gamers have been eagerly speculating about the games that may launch with the console. While details about the new titles are being revealed, Sony has also placed focus on support for a number of popular online services including Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter The 6 Best Tools To Schedule Twitter Updates The 6 Best Tools To Schedule Twitter Updates Read More . Apps for each will be available for free on the Vita.

Confused? Don’t be. Though built as a handheld gaming console, the Vita isn’t much different from a modern smartphone. Inside, alongside the ARM processor and behind the touchscreen, is a 3G antenna that makes the Vita compatible with some mobile data Gs & LTEs: Understanding Mobile Broadband [Technology Explained] Gs & LTEs: Understanding Mobile Broadband [Technology Explained] Connecting to the Internet was once all about big honking cords. The cords might be telephone lines, or cable lines, or FiOS lines specifically installed for Internet service, but the running theme is a line... Read More carriers.

4G data isn’t supported on the Vita, but Wi-Fi is. Sony did not state that any of the apps on its device will be restricted to use via mobile data, which likely means the company is not reserving them to users who forgo a mobile data plan and instead connect via Wi-Fi only.

The press release also did not include release dates for the apps. Instead, a footnote clarified that “details of the application’s launch timing will be announced at a later timing“. Hopefully these apps will not significantly lag the Vita’s release, as the usefulness of the console’s 3G connection will be restricted without them.

Source: PR Newswire

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