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Using YouTube’s own interface, if you want to replay a video, you need to click on the Replay button that appears after a video finishes playing. To avoid using the Replay button, there are web apps that let you play individual YouTube videos in a loop. But to put YouTube playlists in a loop, you will need to use PlayinUrTubez.

play youtube videos in a loop

PlayinUrTubez is a free to use web service that lets you put individual YouTube videos and YouTube playlists in a repeating loop. PlayinUrTubez’s player provides all of the standard features including enabling / disabling high quality, and viewing videos in full screen.

You can search for videos through the site’s own interface; the videos you play can be added to your PlayinUrTubez playlist. If you want to, you can connect your YouTube account with the site and access your YouTube playlists or save your PlayinUrTubez playlists to your YouTube account.


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