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Playing Video Files With Some Twist Using Movist [Mac] 00 Movist logoOne of the requirements to be a favorite movie player is the capability to play multiple video formats. There are tons of formats out there and no player could survive the harsh competition by supporting only one format.

Every computer user has their own choices of free video player(s). Most Mac users prefers Apple’s own QuickTime or the ever-popular VLC.

But there are other great but less popular players out there. One that falls into this category is Movist. I stumbled into this app years ago and have been using it ever since. Strangely, not many people know about its existence.

So allow me to introduce this free video player to you. Maybe, after you know it better, Movist could be your favorite player too.

Playing Movies With Movist

Beside the (almost) flawless multi-format video playing, there are several unique abilities that separate Movist from the rest.

The first is its flexibility in handling subtitles. If the subtitle file has the same name as the movie file and both are located in the same folder, Movist can display the subtitles any way you want them.


free video player mac

You can quickly adjust the size, location, font, and many more factors just by going through the crowded “Subtitle” menu.

free video player for mac

If you want more options in handling subtitles, go to the “Preferences – Subtitle” tab. Looking at the options, Movist should be able to handle up to 3 subtitle tracks (but I’m still trying to figure out how to do this).

free video player

Another feature that I like (but sometimes hate) from Movist is its ability to automatically continue playing the next movie in the series. The requirements are that the movies should all be located in the same folder and have more or less the same title with different numbering.

02 Series Movies.jpg

For example, there are 10 movies in one folder with the name: X 01, X 02, X 03 and so on. At the end of X 01, Movist will automatically continue playing X 02 – and so on. This is a real time saver, but most of the time it makes me unable to stop watching my favorite shows (and ignore other responsibilities).

If you are a fan of Apple’s “Front Row“, you could try Movist’s “Full Screen Navigation” which can be activated through “File – Full Screen Navigation” menu or using “Command + N“.

03a Full Screen Navigation Menu.jpg

What you get is a media player dark interface control similar to Front Row (but much simpler).

03b Full Screen Navigation - Full-1.jpg

You can customize this feature by going to “General Preferences“. There are options to access iTunes Library (Movies, TV Shows, Video Podcasts) and to enable support for Apple Remote.

03c Full Screen Navigation Preferences.jpg

But the one that I personally think is the coolest feature of Movist is the ability to play video on the Desktop Background. You can enable the feature by going through the “Movie – Desktop Background” menu or by pressing the “Command + D” keyboard combination.

04 Desktop Background Menu.jpg

With this feature, you can place the movie of your recent holiday on your desktop instead of just still images. Just make sure that your desktop is free from cluttered icons if you plan to watch the movie undisturbed.

05b As Desktop Background.jpg

Longing For A Better Logo

One thing that annoys me most about Movist is its logo. My friend told me that it’s a complete rip-off from another movie player app. If you pay real attention to it, you can even read the name of the app written on the logo. It’s a shame considering that Movist is a good app.

It’s possible that the developer did this intentionally, maybe just for fun. But they definitely should spend more time and energy in creating their own logo, as a logo is the visual identity of any app.

Even though Movist has not even reached version one and still has a long way to go before it can stand equal to other veteran media players, it’s already a solid player that worth your attention.

Have you tried Movist? Or do you prefer to use another alternative free video player?  Please share using the comments below.

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