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The social gaming giant Zynga has teamed up with Pizza Hut to help cure world hunger. Players across a number of their games including Farmville and Cityville can buy select items for $5, and all proceeds from these purchases will go towards the World Food Programme.

This is a great move for Pizza Hut and Zynga for two reasons – it is a good cause, and supporting a good cause can never be a bad thing. The second reason is it is great marketing for both companies. People always love to see big companies promoting humanitarian efforts, and that is exactly what is happening here.

The program is beneficial for players of the games as well. They get to buy some cute in-game items, and they get the satisfaction of knowing that their hard-earned dollars are being put to a great use.

This is the first time Zynga has partnered with an outside company for a venture such as this, and I hope to see them keep this kind of thing up. After all, purchasing fake items in a fake world can be a hollow experience, but at least if your money is going to a good cause it is easier to stomach.

Source: Mashable


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