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free online game communitiesGamers of the world, unite!

A war cry that wouldn’t need much urging, because gamers have a clannish streak in them. You will find them in dedicated groups in every online game community worth its name. You come across a name like League of Shadows or Terran Warrior, and you know that there’s a hardcore gamer hiding behind it.

Gamers are a large community and they tend to find their own, especially with the rise of multiplayer games. The seriousness with which people pursue this hobbyhorse has given birth to the term Electronic Sports or eSports. You have amateurs and professional pitting themselves against each other.

An amateur, I wouldn’t bracket myself with the term “addicted”, though once upon a time I came pretty close. Occasionally, I do try to clear the dust and answer The Call of Duty. But gamers who are still in the thick of things now have a new hangout.

Playfire is one of the coolest free online game communities exclusively for the gamer. The online social networking application is still in beta, but by the sleek looks of it, can soon jump out.

Playfire – What’s it all about?


free online game communities

As all free online game communities on the web go, Playfire is also about networking with the likeminded. Only in this case, the banter is about games. The homepage says that the site is home to 245,000+ gamers. It also boasts of being a talking point for 40,000 game titles on every conceivable gaming platform. If you are feeling left out then it’s time to signup.

The First Level – A Signup and a Profile

free online game communities

Signup is simple and the profile setup is also easy but with a twist. In three steps, you let the site know your gaming platforms, what games you have played and then a bit about you – your level of gaming interest. But that’s just for starters. To complete your profile, you have to furnish a few more details like your profile pic, describe your gaming rig, choose your gaming genres etc.

After doing the basics, go into your profile page and deck it up. You can select Themes, showcase your game collection on a visual bookshelf, do a bit of microblogging, add videos and also connect through Meebo with your online friends.

online game community

Climbing To the Next Levels

The site is designed like a video game. To rise up, you have to complete certain activities. The completion stages help you garner points and the points in turn, help you rise up. The formula is, the more you participate socially, the higher you rise up with your points.

online game community

Your Activity Feed page is the dashboard of all your activities (or lack of it). The highest points are reserved for bringing others into the Playfire fold by sending out invites. Submitting games, rating them and volunteering answers to game related queries also make you a popular member of your clan.

The best way to get a bunch of points and shoot up the charts is to get a Playfire award or two. Answer 100 quiz questions correctly and you become a “˜Smartypants’. Answer 1000 and you are a ‘Gaming Genius’.

The Gaming Communities

Playing is never fun alone, is it? So you have Playfire Groups, gamers who share a common passion, like a particular genre of games. Like The Final Fantasy group with nearly 1,175 members. There’s also Girl Gamerz Rawk! (it’s written that 40% of all gamers are female – I believe it!). Each group has a page of its own. Request membership by clicking on a blue button and then you can take part in the forum discussions.

game community

Clans are the other more narrowed down social circle. Clans on Playfire are group of players who play together regularly on multi-player games. You can search for a clan and join it or start one of your own. Clans again have their discussion boards and a request membership link.

game community

The community is a continuous gaming talkfest with Events thrown in. Events are gaming sessions between members”¦create one and announce it to your friends. You have Game Planners to co-ordinate all your online meet-ups.

game community

Discussions are all about shooting from your mouth but if you really want to walk that talk as a serious gamer, then take the Quiz and see how you fare against your pals.

There’s a lot to do on Playfire. For a diehard gamer it can be a port of call after playing a few rounds. In the few days spent there, Playfire felt like a complete gaming community. Some pages I think are still being worked out as told by a few broken links. That’s like a single frame’s glitch in an otherwise slam bang effort.

Join up, and let us know your shout’s worth on Playfire.

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