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Back in the day, before videos had visuals that looked better than the real world, there was text. Choose your own adventure books, and eventually games, were incredibly popular. After all, it was just like reading a book, but you could control the outcome. In time, these games fizzled away in favor of games with graphics, but Playfic is hoping to bring them back with their awesome service.

create your own text adventure game

To start with, you can use Playfic to play games created by others. You may want to try the Playfic tutorial, which will show you the types of commands recognized and how to play a game. From there, choose a game with a title that looks intriguing to you, and follow along. It’s a great way to read a cool story, and have some control over what happens to the characters.


If you are feeling creative, you can use their tools, and a language called Inform 7, to write your very own games. You can find some handy tutorials for making your own games on Playfic’s learning page. This will help you get your feet wet so you can start using their tools to create your own games. You will be required to register for an account to create a game, but you do not need an account to play games.


  • Play free choose your own adventure games.
  • New games added all the time because they are created by other users.
  • Tutorials to help you create your own games.
  • Tools for creating and sharing your games.

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  1. GameArmy
    June 11, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Now that's seriously old school!

    It reminds me of ADRIFT
    But with ADRIFT you can make text adventures offline!

    Oh and have you seen this web page?