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Blackberry Playbook has finally got an email application, as of the recent 2.0 release. BlackBerry released its first (and only) tablet in April of 2011. Though reasonably powerful, it shipped without an official stand-alone email application, a problem that garnered more than a few negative comments 6 Reasons To Avoid The BlackBerry PlayBook 6 Reasons To Avoid The BlackBerry PlayBook The BlackBerry PlayBook is available. It has the brand behind it, but does it make for a wise purchase decision? Read this article to decide for yourself if the PlayBook gives you the bang for... Read More . Not to worry, the company said – an update including an email app was just a few months away.

Now, almost a year later, the PlayBook’s first major operating system update has finally fulfilled that promise. Also included are built-in calendar and contact management apps, which were also missing from the first version of the OS. These updates finally give PlayBook owners access to features that were included with Android and iOS when they were released.

But wait – there’s more! – and it’s rather interesting. The unique BlackBerry Bridge feature, which syncs a BlackBerry phone with the PlayBook, now supports the use of a BlackBerry as a wireless keyboard and mouse for the tablet. Limited Android app support and access to a digital video Digital Video Formats and Video Conversion Explained Digital Video Formats and Video Conversion Explained Read More market called the BlackBerry Video Store round out the new functionality. Both of these improvements make the PlayBook a better entertainment device.

All of this is likely too little, too late for the tablet, which is continuing to not fly off store shelves. Still, the update is free, and does provide features that help keep the PlayBook competitive. You’ll be able to download the operating system by the time you read this article. Look for a software update notification icon on your tablet.


Source: CNET

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