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best friends photosSharing photos has been on since the time we didn’t even have computers. Remember the decks of player cards which most of us treated like currency? These days’ popular apps like Instagram have made uploading and sharing photos a fun social do.

This article is not about Instagram, but it’s about another interesting web app (and an iPhone photo sharing app too) that takes the idea of photo sharing, adds a dash of social contest to it, then wraps the whole thing in a social package.

Portrit is an iPhone and web app where you and your friends pick out the fantabulous photos from the run-of-the-mill ones. You and your friends are the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to sorting the best from the rest.


Portrit and Fun – What’s It All About?

best friends photos

Any photo can be shared on Portrit. The idea is to compete with your photos and see who has clicked the best ones. Photos are opened up to other Portrit users and all of us get to vote, nominate, and thumb down the photos. There are 10 nomination categories like Hot, LOL, Artsy, Party Animal etc. you can choose from. The photos (and the photographers) that pass through the ‘friend filters’ end up winning a few virtual trophies.


The Fun and Usefulness of Portrit

Portrit is still in a fledgling state. But the potential I guess is being followed up in earnest as Portrit has made available all the tools you will need to go social with your photos. You have an iPhone app, a Facebook linked web app, plus Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browser extensions. All with idea of making nominating photos easy. Here’s a screen grab of the iPhone app which makes it seem that it’s the most exciting one of all the options on Portrit.

compare friends pictures

Yes, it’s fun and easy. If Portrit really takes off with a large social base, it could help to bring out the photographer in you. Chasing those Portrit trophies and mass acknowledgement could make you more mindful of the right angles, light, mood, and tone while clicking impromptu photos. At the end of the day, you become a better photographer in a fun, casual way.

Let’s Go and Play On Portrit

I am trying out the web app here. There’s also an iPhone app which could be more fun when you are on the move and bored to your teeth. Logging in with your Facebook account takes you to the screen below which is your as yet empty active stream. You can scroll down and check out the current photos that are up for voting and leading the pack.

compare friends pictures

If your ego clamors for it, you can post a photo which you have clicked and put it out there for votes. Here’s the Post Photo screen where you can upload your own by drag n’ drop or by simple upload. I am going all gung ho with three scene captures.

compare friends pictures

Here’s what my nomination looks like with a little caption and a choice of the artsy category:

compare friends pics

There! It’s in the community now open to everyone’s critical eye. While I am at it, I can jump into the community myself and vote for other public photos or those of my friends I made here. Of course, Portrit ensures that you can only vote once for a photo. That’s fair play.

best friends photos

Well, you have other photos to comb through. You can vote a photo up or down by clicking on the large green arrows. You cannot change your vote once clicked. Trophies are won as a photo goes from a nomination to maximum votes collected for a certain period. A nomination needs a positive vote count of 2 for it to be worthy for a trophy. At the end of the night, Portrit chooses the winners based on vote count and who you are following.

Try out Portrit. Let us know if it turns you towards some click and snap photography.

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