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mufin playerHow many gigabytes of music do you have on your computer? Or are you already counting it in terabytes?

My own collection of merely 18,000+ files is safely stored on an external hard drive. Due to size limitations, I only store on my laptop what I recently downloaded. That way, I hardly ever listen to the rest of my huge collection. And how would I? It takes too much time to create elaborate playlists and listening to single artists or albums can be tiring. Does that sound familiar?

[NO LONGER WORKS] Mufin player may be our remedy. Mufin stands for music finder. By its own description, its the first music player to know the sound of your music collection. The music discovery engine analyzes your collection, so that you can sort your music by sound and find similar tracks faster and maybe rediscover music all over again. My article will quickly walk you through all of its basic functions.


After a successful installation, the first step is to import your music. Go through > File and either import a folder, CD, music from your MP3 player, or existing playlists.

import music



To recommend music based on similarity, Mufin must first analyze your collection. This process is initiated automatically. Simply wait until you see the rating bar under in the similarity category.

analyze music

Starting Track

Once your collection has been analyzed, you can rank and play songs by what you like. When you hover over the similarity ranking bar, you’ll see an option called > Select track. Simply pick a song you love and everything in your collection will be ranked based on that track.

favorite song

Alternatively, you can make any currently selected song the starting track by clicking the respective button on the top left.


Furthermore, if you select an analyzed song, you’ll see recommendations of similar songs. They are drawn from your music collection or and displayed in the bar below your tracks. You can play a 30-second preview of songs recommended from

music recommendation

When I searched for recommendations based on “Hands Clean” by Alanis Morissette, the number one recommendation was another recording of “Hands Clean” within my collection. That’s a hit. Interestingly, however, the matching rate was only 83%. The recordings are identical, except for the MP3 quality. Now how does that make sense?

music search

Search & Filter

Mufin comes with a search and a filter option. Through Search, you can find music based on artist, song name, album name, or genre. With the filter, you can select by genre, artist, and album.

search and filter songs

Get Audio IDs

If the ID tags of your collection are incomplete, you may be able to complete the information with the help of Mufin player. The tool does an awesome job completing the tags.

add ID tags

Manage Categories

Mufin comes with a number of categories based on which you can sort your music. They are name, duration, artist, album, genre, and favorite songs. You can add more optional categories, for example rating, comment, counter, tempo, or year.

To add a category > right-click on the category bar, a menu will come up and you can now edit the checkmarks as you please.

add category

You can also drag and drop categories in the bar to change the order in which they appear.


You can sync Mufin player with your MP3 player or cell phone, including the iPhone and iPod. Mufin can import your iTunes library and sync playlists made with Mufin with iTunes.

Mufin also integrates with and Facebook. You can display the tracks your currently playing on Facebook or scrobble to

In the album art view mode, missing album art can be added by drag and drop.

By the way, Mufin also has an [NO LONGER WORKS] online music discovery service to discover and rediscover music.

Mufin Player works on Windows only.

Did you already discovered new and cool tunes in the depths of your music collection with the help of Mufin? Let us know!

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