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Card games are a great way to take the edge off things. I remember playing poker with some friends and we kept playing for hours in a row. Then it was time to head home.

Of course, I hadn’t had enough yet (and I wanted to make up for my losses, like any deteriorating gambler), so I went looking for poker software online.

I kept playing poker for some time that night, until I had to cut my losses (fake money, if I need say). The next morning I went looking for other card games.

It seems that there are a lot of great card games available for download. The great majority of these games – and the one we’ll be eyeing today – are games that you can play against others online. We’ll also focus specifically on a piece of software that is supported by both Windows and Mac systems.


Note that most of these applications require you to be of legal age, even if you’re not playing with real money. Online gambling is a serious thing and most services will tempt you into playing with real money. Some of them even go as far as giving better cards to new players, and promise you special bonuses if you sign up with your credit card.

Be very wary of this, and keep in mind that a lot of these premium services (especially if you move on to the chance gambling) are specifically designed to take more money than they give!

In the end you’re most of the time better off playing with fake chips, saving the real money for the games with your friends, where you’re better aware of the set conditions.

Downloadable Poker Client

These are applications that you can download to play poker with. The advantages? Your games are always within reach.


PokerStars is the free counterpart of the premium It’s also the biggest online poker community in the world, with over 14 million members (yes, you heard that right!).

Available Games

Besides the popular Texas Hold’em, you can also play games of Omaha and Seven Card Stud (both High and Hi/Lo).

PokerStars hosts a very large number of very varying tournaments, the biggest free online tournament site in the world. The play limits differ widely as well, ranging from street-low to sky-high. Because of this, you can almost always find a fitting game right away, with the play limits you prefer.

The Client

The software of PokerStars is, compared to various other poker clients, remarkably swift and has a lot of advanced possibilities.

In poker you don’t just play with cards, you play with people as well. In PokerStars it’s possible to tag notes to other players that you encounter, which you’ll be able to view later on. This way, if you play with returning people, you can easily remember one’s behaviour; if he was an defensive or an aggressive player, tactical or careless.

Another feature is to change the client’s theme. Choose from one of the available styles, and adjust it to your liking. It won’t make you a better player, but it surely soothes the eye.

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What poker clients do you use and why? Spout it out in the comments!

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